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Every company needs an online look, be it a start-up, an existing business.

This is because a good idea, service, or product is only viable if you inform users about it. If you provide your channels through which you get to a lot of people, your chances of success are much higher.

Do you need a good website that is not only beautiful, but also successful in Google search?
Want to get higher conversions?
Do you need a complete marketing campaign?
Would you serve? Would you sell it? Would you build a brand?
Want To Sell Online?

Not sure how to get started? The first step towards the Online World is of course a good website. We don’t recommend jumping on it at home because it won’t work well. If the foundations are not right, it is not worth building. If you have a very well-structured website, you may want to launch campaigns.

The characteristics of a good website are as follows: Appropriate content:
„Content is King” - A factor that cannot be replaced by a good design. We need valuable, relevant, unique content that is not only about our own presentation and “polishing”, but also about who we want to provide the service to - let’s talk about what our customer is interested in.

Once the content is complete, it is important that we communicate with the appropriate articulation and comprehensibility on the web so that the user reads it with pleasure and interest. In addition to clear layouts, it is very important to choose the right color, which should be tailored to the style of our user audience (for example, for a baby-mama web store, we will probably choose a non-Gatsby style with gold and black)

User-friendly design:
Easy-to-understand menu items, transparency and navigation - no need to open a website map to find what your customer is looking for - platform-independent look - mobile, tablet-free browsing experience not only on monitor, good loading speed.

Search engine friendly design:
It is very important that the majority of users come to you through the Google search engine (if your website is good) so it is a cardinal question to have a prominent position in the search engine for specific keyword combinations that are relevant to you and your users. Surveys show that browsers only look at two pages, or 20 hits, so it’s important to be among the first. Therefore, search engine optimization aspects should be taken into account when developing the site. It depends on your results, i.e. your website traffic, so your success.

What are the biggest benefits?
The internet includes the features of radio, TV, newspaper, telephone, while accounting for only a fraction of these costs. Its biggest advantage is that it is available 24 hours a day. The information can be modified quickly, ensuring that you can always communicate relevant data to your customers, business partners (e.g., a changed opening hours or the production of a new product). Because you have no geographical limitations, you can reach many more consumer candidates. Its effectiveness is measurable, based on statistics you can decide at any time to communicate differently, present yourself with other photos or language because it works.

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Web shop

The popularity of internet commerce and webshops is undeniable. Even before Covid, it was more convenient, easier, faster to order online than to buy in person, and in 2020 it will be more justified in many cases. On both the buyer and seller side, the web store has more advantages over traditional stores.

Benefits as a Seller:

No need to rent business premises, no overheads. There is no need for employees who are at the counter or managed by the cash registers, so there are significant sums left at the end of the month that you can spend on something else. You can reduce the storage cost because in most cases the products are purchased when ordering, they do not need to be stored.

You don't have to calculate damage, shoplifting, wear and tear. As you save money, the margin can increase, you can give your product cheaper by taking advantage of the prices of the same products in the store. A web store, like any online activity, can receive your customers 24 hours a day - you can also receive your revenue at two in the morning and during lunch breaks. You can reach a much larger customer base, as it is not just the visitor who lives in your district or gets in your way.

Benefits as a Buyer:

It saves time because your customer doesn’t have to travel, line up, wander between stores. Convenient because at any minute of the day, you can buy from you anywhere, even while working. You do not need to convert your day to opening hours. It achieves a much larger selection of goods on virtual shelves. It saves money because the prices of an online store are usually lower than traditional store prices. This also encourages you to order Online because who doesn’t want to save time and money at the same time?

The secret to a web store’s success is similar to a website, just as easy to use, content, choosing good design elements and clear communication are just as important. It is very important that the terms of purchase are also clear, so you need to let the customer know if e.g. return is not free - this eliminates customer uncertainty.

Users are sympathetic to the fact that if webshops are not hiding behind an info Mail address, enter at least one phone number where they can be reached. Additional confidence-building elements if you feel there are fleshy people behind your system, so anything that makes your time with you more personal - a contact photo, nickname - will go well with your customers.

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