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Video production
We don’t just make video..

We don’t just make video,
we put a tool in your hand.

Use it wisely - but how?

Your brand needs video communication much more than you thought!

Why? If you are not visible, they will not be seen, not even by those who seek You!

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. In this digital age, a business can achieve sales growth if it successfully uses available marketing technologies.The power of the digital revolution is in full swing.If you don’t take advantage of the opportunities it offers, you will be at a serious disadvantage compared to your competitors.

The numbers don’t lie, let’s take a look at them.

Online Users …
55% watch at least 1 video every day
72% love product videos and expect it
Users spend 2x as much time on your site if it includes video
… and what is the greatest?

You can improve your conversions by up to 80%, even with a simple landing page.

Now seriously, why not take advantage of its opportunities?

Video production - BRANDER

Video marketing is essentially a short (one and a half to 3 minutes) web commercial, an online marketing strategy.

Online marketing means advertising, promoting and selling products, services and companies on the Internet.
Unlike offline channels (print impressions), online marketing tools drive target audience interaction, feedback, and can be measured much more effectively. These types of content may have become the most popular thanks to smartphones. The reason is that people mostly map the things around them with their eyes - our eyes are our most important senses, which we don’t usually like to use to read long pages.It is much easier to watch a video and process images.Therefore, this powerful marketing tool is a very attractive content format that is easy to digest, fun and need to have only internet access. Due to its high ROI (return on investment), it is not only loved by users, but also by marketers, and thus by entrepreneurs and owners.

The question arises, what about television commercials, since they also broadcast video material ?! What is the difference?
In addition to the much lower cost of producing and marketing online videos. In these commercials, the viewer simply stumbles while clutching the remote switch. He’ll forget in a few minutes, since he has no attachment to it. It is difficult to target by target audience, it necessarily has a high scatter. However, it is almost impossible to measure how many people viewed your ad and how many committed it. In contrast, the Internet is used by consumers in a targeted way because they are looking for information. This way you can be sure that if your ad is seen, there is a reason for it.

Furthermore, while watching Online or after watching the video, the user has the option to click and arrive at you immediately. Once you’ve clicked on your listing, you can redirect them to your website with one click and keep them there, turning your customer / business partner’s simple boring activity into a purchase even when you’re just surfing the web. This type of targeting and conversion measurement is not available by a TV ad.


If you base your own shopping habits, you will certainly not buy from a brand or company that you do not trust. Content marketing (of which video is an important part) is based on just that - building long-term, trust-based relationships. You need to build this trust, and you can do this by posting valuable, unique content on your web interfaces - if possible, you will prove the quality and legitimacy of your activity with non-km studies.Video is the perfect tool for this, because it can convey a lot of information and even atmosphere in a short time - which makes you more exciting, consumable and memorized.


In a 10/8 ratio, companies have a high return on investment.
In fact, making a video isn’t easy, it’s worth entrusting it to professionals (that’s why we are here) if we take our marketing activities seriously, but it’s worth it!

Video content affects not only customers and service users, but also business people.

Conversion magnet

The main goal of marketing is to get your audience to convert. So call for an appointment, order one of your products in your web store, sign up for your education, sign up for a job posting, ask for a quote, and more. So interact with you, inquire, become a potential buyer, partner. The video in this area is also very convincing, as it is a landing site where e.g. product video is included, it can bring up to 80% more conversions. Research shows that 74% of users bought a product after watching a demo video. Users should not be ignored, you need to build your strategy based on their habits if you want it working.

Company presentation video - BRANDER

"Content is King." This wording came from Bill Gates and there is no online specialist who wouldn’t know and would not take it seriously!

The videos are Google’s favorites, not surprisingly, after Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine and is owned by Google.Google interprets your video content on your website (which, by the way, helps keep your visitors ’attention) as unique and valuable.Once the search engines love videos, video makes miracles with SEO!SEO - search engine optimization is the process of improving the organic appearance of web pages in search engines - to put it simply, be in front of the user, because they will not go after you 4-5.pages in Google.

How is that?It improves your Google position if you satisfy your users' needs with video? You're 53x more likely to appear first in Google results if your website includes video.(Make sure you also optimize your Youtube videos to reach as many people as possible on their own, not just through your site)

Sharing: Video content is much more preferred by users to share on social media than text - 92% of smartphone users do so.It’s no coincidence that social platforms are constantly evolving in terms of video features - live broadcasts, video stories.

Video content - BRANDER

The appeal of videos is just swelling, the world is moving towards that!

It is only our decision to participate or leave the market to our competitors.The cake is given, the question is what proportion it is slicing by the market. Just as you take Google seriously, just as you do not register a corporate Facebook page with an individual / GAG /, so it is clear that video content will increase your traffic.We do not need to convince you - as you are a market player and use the Internet - but to provide support for your processes and make the tools available to be successful in the Online Space.


Every company needs an introductory video.Its purpose is to inspire confidence before the personal meeting.The big advantage is that it can be used universally, you can upload it to Youtube, share it on Facebook, on your company's website, but even on the TV screen of your customer waiting room.Timeless, you don’t have to make a new one every year and it’s an excellent choice by SEO standpoint.Throw up your job postings, guaranteed more people will apply to you if they get to know you through video than if they just read about the company.Because a video is fun and easy to consume, you can use it to present your company in general during a presentation.


Today, the drone is in the vision of every large company - Google, Facebook, Amazon.The drones opened new gates.It is possible to take pictures from a perspective that has only been available to the really big ones so far - from an airplane.We can unleash our creativity and provide a truly special visual world.It raises every video, if a drone shot is made –talk about a business filmor an image film.We highly recommend it to the actors of agricultural, industrial, event organizing and tourism life, but it is also an excellent choice for the presentation of settlements and real estate.Differentiate yourself from your competitors, give them a WOW experience!


In connection with the Instructional Videos, we can come from 2 directions.One is when you demonstrate the use of your product, software, online interface in a short video instead of giving out long descriptions to your customers, and the other is when you need to train your colleagues on specific workflows.How much time and money do you save by informing properly your customers and clients?Instead of constantly ringing the phone or knocking on your door - because the information wasn’t clear, too long, complicated - give them more.You will take the burden off of customer service, you can become an expert on your market and you will be impressed.


In addition to increae your site traffic and conversions, you can launch more spectacular campaigns than ever before.Your ads come to life.Introduce yourself, your company, be it communication to your customers or business partners.Just as you inspire trust in customers, users, business people will turn to you with confidence because they get to know your brand.If you’re a professional at what you do and you communicate professionally, other companies will take you seriously.These promotional / commercial films either need to be produced often, they are timeless, as long as your business doesn’t develop in the direction you want to communicate because it can play a crucial role.


Customers are more likely buy a product from you if they see what they are ordering. This is also true for test videos - users write the product they are looking for into Google, look for opinions about it and make a decision based on it. Convince them that they are making the right decision, and they don’t have to go to you in person for all of this, as they can watch it online. These product videos often override paid ads on search engines because of their relevance. 80% of users click on products advertised with video first. Did you know that every 2nd person expects to be able to see a video about a product or service? People will make a much more confident decision that will help you achieve conversions and gain an advantage over competing companies. The content is timeless and you can share it on your social media pages as well. The same is true if you are a service provider. Introduce the service, the location to make people want to visit you.


It is true for many entrepreneurs that they work day after day, achieving amazing results, talk about building of a residential park, producing products on a production line, developing a new cosmetic or creating a diet method that really works but they forget to communicate. Maybe your customers are happy with your products, your guests love the way you massage, or your customers always get the “raw material” on time, if you don’t realize that, your customer base won’t expand. Let others praise your work as it will help you choose your future partners. As you look at the reviews in a web store, you are curious about whether it is worth visiting any service provider or company. There are videos that show the finished results of your work, and others show customer reviews. We can also call these PR videos which are positive because you don’t want to sell yourself, but others put you in the forefront, which we admit is very sympathetic. These types of videos are also universally usable, suitable for distribution on social media, and mandatory in the B2B sector. How would you feel if your customers and partners praised in you a video? Believe me, you can get used to it!

Promotional video - BRANDER

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