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From 2021, the business magazines of the counties will be available in Hungary, free of charge in printed form and online!

Running a company is not easy.

From outside, every company manager looks very good, he has employees, he has a nice office and premises, he does cool things, but the job behind it is only seen by the company manager. Many times not even the family. This experience, which many founders realized at dawn with two laps of half a liter of coffee, remains his experience. Perhaps that is why he appreciates so much what he has achieved and is therefore unwilling to be content with just being successful. He wants to be the best. Not only he does survive, he surpasses himself every single day and expects the same from his colleagues. This attitude, commitment, will to do. Such is a leader who does it!

The founder of Brander magazine is a person who knows exactly what it’s like to build something from scratch, how hard it is to keep and improve it. And what it’s like to be successful because it not only does a good thing, but even communicates it to others. And if this thing is good for everyone? There is nothing more ideal. Don’t carry the apples one by one into the village, wander the village around the apple tree.

That's what Brander is all about. The target group of Brander Business Magazine is the conscious, aspiring company leader who wants to draw strength and learn from the stories of others, open to innovations that serve his advancement (marketing, online, business communication). The content of the magazine is as indispensable for the owner of the company as it is for his project manager, marketer, HR. When compiling the columns, the primary consideration was to communicate the relevant contents not only to the decision-maker, but also to the colleagues who promoted his work and success. Articles are just as professional as they are motivating.

The members of the company are the catalysts in the development of their own system. The magazine will help promote these processes in addition to giving readers a look at the region’s most successful entrepreneurs and how they became the best ones. More importantly, How You can be!


News from the region (business news, real estate management, Urban, Economic and Corporate Development)

Image and Marketing (useful tips for communicating the company's image and expanding marketing activities)

Corporate communication
Company development
Success stories

Magazin -

Brander Business Magazine will be published quarterly in each county, with a list distribution to all companies in the selected county to reach widely the prospective business partners of the companies sponsoring the magazine.

Find our colleague Zsuzsa Tasnádi,
who is the communication officer of Brander Magazines!

Phone: +36 20/220-7030

We believe in results and that the work invested always pays off, but it matters how we work. You can work smart only with the right tools, saving yourself time and energy. Brander magazine provides insight into how it is worthwhile to carry out daily processes, how to manage our time, profit and expertise efficiently.

Bringing a Brander magazine takes courage, dedication and openness - just like running a company. Brander magazine helps you pick up the pace, stay in the picture, and build new relationships.

Take the opportunity! We ask you this! We recommend this to you!

At BRANDER, we want to maintain a good relationship with our customers. If you have anything to say, we’d love to hear it.





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