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Graphics and Decor
Corporate identity design

Corporate identity design

An image is a complex system of external features (shapes, colors, images, sounds, etc.) used to identify a company or community.

A unified and conscious appearance that carries unmistakable and distinctive features within a given organization and in its outward communication. The basic elements of image design are logo design, business card design, stationery and envelope, folder and folder, stamp. The basic image elements have a decisive impact on the company.

What we communicate, how we communicate,
understandable to those we want to reach with it.

When building a brand, we need to know your marketing strategy (or work together) to create the entire visual world of the company, from fonts to colors. The goal is to memorize the business. That’s why the sight needs to captivate people because they’ll first come across the company’s image (web, printed platforms, business card, corporate pen, flash drive) and then identify your company at first glance. This is especially important so that you remember your prospective buyer before your competitors. A well-designed image can sell and a bad one can generate a loss.

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Stand out from the CROWD! If you are not visible, they will not be seen, not even by those who seek You!

Printed and web publications

Whether it’s print or web publications, it’s important to put the right work into the look and feel. Appearance and appearance greatly influence the image of you, the company and the intention to buy and do business. Introductory materials and brochures are excellent accessories for your business, you can build a brand and increase conversions. As in all cases, the existing image elements, motifs and colors must be taken into account in order to have unity. These should always be incorporated into publications. Whether it is a multi-page presentation material or a single-page leaflet, we are at your disposal.


Workwear is also a kind of advertising tool. In addition to strengthening your employees ’commitment to the company, everyone can see where they belong. Look at the embroidered workwear as a moving advertising space.

Car sticker

Sticker of company cars is also an area that needs to be exploited.
Would you like a cool car commercial too? Use your own marketing channels, contact us, we will make it for you and in a few days all you have to do is get traffic.

Video production
We don’t just make video..